Design and engineering

Our engineering department will evaluate your specific requirements in order to design customized parts.

  • Customized manifolds
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Complete hydraulic systems
  • Specially machined parts

Specifications and plans

Our specifications and plans are validated by a member of the OIQ (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec- Order of Engineers of Quebec). All designs are developed using Solidworks graphic software.

  • Detailed machining operations using CNC
  • Hydraulic and electrical diagrams
  • Drafting using mounting dimensional drawings
  • STEP files that are inserted into our client’s plans
  • 3D PDF file for visualisation

Evaluation, integration and upgrading

We carry out an extensive evaluation of existing hydraulic systems in order to integrate appropriate upgrades for our client. We integrate components in manifolds for mobile, industrial and test equipment manufacturers.

Manufacturing and machining

All of our manufactured parts are verified according to precise specifications. Our manifolds and other assembled products are tested in our factory in order to ensure strict quality control from the design stage to the finished product.

  • Manifold machining using CNC
  • Special parts machining using CNC
  • Drafting using mounting dimensional drawings
  • Hydraulic component manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of complete hydraulic units