In order to optimize the performance of your machines, it is necessary to create integrated and adapted hydraulic circuits. Working with GenHydrau allows you to pinpoint the exact finished product you need for your specific application.


Each manifold made by GenHydrau is unique and therefore specifically designed for your unique application. Our team designs an adapts and a complete integrated product that will fit your requirements. We believe that performance is the result of the collaboration between our engineering team, our representatives and your team.

We design the following parts:

  • Anodized aluminum manifolds
  • Rustproof steel manifolds
  • Replacement manifolds
  • Standard manifolds
  • Base plates for hydraulic and pneumatic valves
  • Security manifolds

Hydraulic power units

A hydraulic project initially requires a power unit to supply the energy required by the various components of the system. Our engineering department has extensive experience in this field. From the design stage, we submit plans and sketches for approval and then proceed with manufacturing, assembly and testing. The delivered power unit comes with all necessary connections to other hydraulic components. We also offer start-up support.

Test benches

We manufacture our own test benches to verify all our manufactured components. Consequently, this expertise is applied to all projects requiring this type of equipment: research centers, laboratories, teaching establishments, test centers, etc. Our test benches are either designed by GenHydrau or manufactured to your own specifications.

Hydraulic and electrical parts

We manufacture a variety of made-to-measure parts and we are also a supplier of various hydraulic products lines: standard manifolds, pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, subplates, filters, accumulators, reservoirs and accessories, etc.